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Practice Nursing Team

Lead Practice Nurse – Melissa Leggett (Female)

A Lead Practice Nurse is a team leader for the general practice nursing team. They are responsible for nursing service delivery and will lead and manage all the nursing resources. The Lead Practice Nurse is accountable for a number of clinical areas such as infection prevention and control, health promotion, chronic disease management, vaccination and immunisations. They also support the practice management team in the reviewing and delivery of clinical policies and procedures.

Healthcare Assistants – Christina Alexander and Tracy Farran (Female)

Healthcare Assistants are a substantial role in primary care. Despite not being registered with a professional body, HCA’s are entrusted with a duty of care and carry legal responsibilities towards the patients they care for.

Phlebotomist – Anita Tollervey (Female)

A primary care phlebotomist is a certified healthcare professional responsible for collecting blood samples from patients. This role is critical in helping diagnose, monitor and treat a variety of medical conditions.